Thursday, February 17

georgia tech athletics

Yesterday I wrote...
Ultimate Sundae
3:30 PM
So if you could be an ice cream sundae, what kind of sundae would you be?
a) a chocolate slap yo' mama up and down the field, I'm getting picked first round - sundae.
b) a banana splitting headache that can't come out to play - sundae.
c) oh my gah, I love chocolate and bananas are my favorite! I really like strawberries too, and caramel - ahh, so sticky! Gosh, I don't know if I can decide! - sundae.

JimK responded...
a) i'll be picked before Bart, Oh wait I heard everybody did.

Bart's rebuttal...
What happened was merely a variation on the old "prisoners' dilemma"(see attachment). Obviously after all the hype about my game, some of which, I admit, came from myself, Bob and John saw no peaceful way to resolve the issue except to cooperate and pick me last. For more information on the prisoners' dilemma, and game theory, google it yourself. To watch some three scoopin', reeses pieces havin',chocolate covered with a cherry on top frisbee, come out to the the CRC fields sunday (note: correct spelling, puns suck).

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Brinkworth's counter arguement...
You attached the wrong file Bart, shouldnt it be this one:(See attached file: correct attachment.doc)

correct attachment
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Ethan's astute summary...
You guys are all so "von Neumann and Morgenstern." Whatever.

It's good to know my friends work as hard as I do. Cube dweller #8056 got some good laughs in today. The rest of the farm was jealous.

prisoners' dilemma
game theory
Charlie Chaplain
von Neumann and Morgenstern


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