Monday, February 21

trivia error rant

On my day off, I am indulging myself in an old TV favorite - Ancient Mysteries on A&E hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Today's episode is about the curse of the Hope Diamond.

The blue diamond was owned by Louis the XIV, XV and XVI. My ears were piqued when they said that Louis the XV died in 1774.

The Team Trivia question last Wednesday referenced Louis the XIV and who advised him that the hankerchief should be square. The year mentioned in the question, I think, was 1784. I recall that we discussed that Louis the XIV was the Sun King, builder of the palace at Versailles and not the husband of Marie Antoinette. After the answer was announced, Marie Antoinette, not our Cardinal Richeliu, we realized that the year was so close to the French Revolution that maybe we missed an easy question.

Louis the XIV died in 1715!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marie Antoinette wasn't even alive during the life of Louis XIV! Oh, and John was right in that Cardinal Richelieu was an advisor to the Sun King. I guess to be "Trivia Guy" only requires the ability to read and say with a nifty twang, "I need aaallll the answers in, I need aaallll the answers in."

Yeah, the obvious is that the question was written wrong and was supposed to read Louis XVI. BUT IT DIDN'T! We weren't wrong. I'm pissed.


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