Monday, January 9

i watch stuff

The freakin' geniuses over at The Superficial have birthed another beautiful baby blog that offers up juicy pre-movie-release morsels to nourish the movie addict within.

I Watch Stuff

"Clerks 2 Teaser Trailer online
The Clerks 2 Teaser Trailer went up on the official site about 30 minutes ago. If you've ever wondered what Clerks might look like with color and Rosario Dawson, here's your chance to find out. It's mostly just a montage of quick cuts, but the story will pick up 10 years after the original with the stores replaced by a fast food joint. I don't want to ruin the movie, but I hear Silent Bob says something deeply profound at the end, and then Jay makes a marijuana reference and tops it off with a 'Snoochie-boochies!'"



At 9:58 AM, Blogger steven said...

this i watch stuff website is hilarious. but you knew that already didn't you.


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