Friday, April 14

busy foreboding

Sorry about the lack of posts. Since my return from vaca (Seattle was AWESOME), I've been a little distracted. I have a 5K erg test looming.

What is a erg test you ask? It is the most dreaded of rowing terms. It will be 5000 meters of simulated rowing done indoors on a physical and pychological torture device.

Unlike rowing, where you feel your speed and your strength with the boats response, the sound of rippling as you slice through water, the fresh air of the outdoors and the combined effort of you and your boatmates working together; the erg shows you exactly how hard, or not-hard-enough you are pulling. There is no wind. There is no rippling water. There is no one else. Just you pulling your brains out as this hunk of metal and plastic mocks your efforts for over three miles.

Soon it will be done and I will blog again. Until then, I will continue to psych myself out.


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