Saturday, December 30


Have you seen this bag?

It was last seen on October 22 in transit between We Read Good's meeting in Grant Park and my home. I'm sure I walked out Jenny's house with it.

I really like it. And you know me and books. I'm a bit posessive and, to be honest, persnickety. The same goes for book paraphernalia. And I'm starting to get anxious about it. (I know. It's a bag. I have a problem)

Have you seen my bag?


01/07/2007, Atlanta. Bag has reportedly been found. It was in Beth's possesion and had been mistaken for Jelena's (and therefore not worth returning?!?). It is reportedly at my house now, which remains to be confirmed.

01/14/2007, East Atlanta. Bag returned unharmed! Thank you for the rescue mission, Cassi.


At 11:16 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Hey was left in my car after the beer festival. And we know how often I clean my car. It is not like I was holding it for ransom or something...

At 3:50 PM, Blogger jelena said...

mistaken as jelena's and not worth returning? this found bag is news to me....

shelly - it's been 29 days since you posted. you are in the 'noke....meaning you should have additional downtime in a city slower-paced than the atl...come back..we miss you...


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