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gt on the forefront of laundry technology

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A new software program linking 400 washers and dryers in 17 campus laundry rooms to students' computers and cell phones goes online this fall.

With the LaundryView system, Tech students will be able to log onto a Web site that will show them which washers and dryers are free in which laundry rooms at any given time, said Rich Steele, director of Tech's student center.

Once they have set their clothes spinning, users can walk away. An e-mail and cell phone text messaging service students can sign up for online will send them a note to tell them when their load is ready to be taken out of the washer or dryer.

Students will pay an extra 25 cents per load for the service and other laundry room upgrades.

"We will be replacing all of the old washers with new front-loading washers and dryers, which will be more efficient. We will also have new ventilation systems to keep them as efficient as possible," Steele said.

Bob Tuttle, chief technology officer at Mac-Gray Corp., the company that developed the LaundryView software, said about a dozen colleges around the country use the online notification system.

Tech is the first university in Georgia and the largest in the country to put the online system into campus-wide use, Tuttle said.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger Ree said...

Awesome - even less reasons for GT students to leave their dormrooms.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger steven said...

MAN!! I was gonna post that! It's hard finding originals...


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