Monday, May 22

project tee pee

Not knowing how to sew or even possessing a sewing machine, I decided I was going to make a tee pee for Emma and Esther as an Easter gift, partially because I didn't get them separate birthday gifts, partially because I didn't get the idea until after Emma's birthday and didn't want to give it on Esther's birthday because that would be a mistake. Small children sometimes take ownership of things delivered on their birthday. So I decided on Easter.

Unfortunately, Easter came and went with project tee pee with only "purchase supplies" task completed. After a healthy but not excessive amount of additional procrastination, I finally started the day after Mother's Day, with the essential help of my lovely mother.

Only 6 days later (!!!), several pin pricks, multiple ripping out of really badly stitched seams, and changing the instructions to meet available supplies (and ability, and patience) project tee pee was in it's final stages. With the help of Steven and Anne-Marie, we properly assembled, erected, and tested the final product.

Great tee-pee, eh?

Emma and Esther seem to think so.


At 2:38 PM, Blogger R2K said...

: )

At 7:09 PM, Blogger jelena said...

too cute. are you ready for project sew drapes for jelena's guest bedroom.


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