Monday, June 19

peachtree number brokerage... open for business

I am an enabler. Because I can't run much anymore, I enable those who can... on July 4th anyway.

I know it's just a couple of weeks away, but if you have a Peachtree Road Race number you aren't planning to use, I highly recommend me as worthy middle man on the way to a highly qualified recipient. I have two lovely (and fast) people begging for my help in their search for a number.

Their cause is a worthy one, and they will wear your number proudly. If you do not have your own number to sell and you hear of an available number, please keep me/us in mind. You will be serving the greater good by passing along the information... pretty please. You will not regret it!

I will definitely reimburse you for the cost, and a reasonable finders fee may be negotiable.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Shruti said...

Herow Shelly,
Do you still need a peachtree number?


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