Wednesday, August 16

insight into motivation

s: shelly wants to live with steven
s: yes she does
s: steven has all the buffy
s: yes he does
s: come shelly
s: ooOOOoOOOOooOOo
me: shelly has all the buffy
me: nice
s: steven has buffy in wall size
me: true
me: true
me: dang it!
me: when do you have to move?
me: or start paying the whole rent?
s: october 1st
s: you'll be closer to work
s: save the environment
me: that's a little while away
s: you can move in slowly
me: I do save the environment. I don't go to work
s: cassi wont even notice
me: hmmm
s: i have a washer dryer
me: maybe we can get her to put on an addition... third bedroom and a band room
s: i might buy a PIANO
s: a PIANO
s: i say
me: DUUDDE. you are saying all the right things here
me: you are not getting a piano
s: you don't know that
s: i saw one for 800
me: i think I'm right
s: it worked
me: did you try it out?
s: yes
me: are you lying?
s: no
me: really?
s: see?
s: now you have to believe me
me: no
me: i don't see
me: I don't have to believe
me: make kathryn go to the book club
s: i can't make kathryn go or stay anywhere
me: yes, that is apparent
me: dang it!
s: what else do you like?
me: hmmm, let's see
s: raisins. we're so much closer to raisins than cassi
me: raisins
s: see?
me: i'm losing sight
s: our landlady is also installing a time portal to seattle next month by the oven
me: WOAH.
me: now THAT'S a selling point.
s: i have bookshelves
s: does cassi have bookshelves?
s: i will move all your books for you
s: and create a library
me: yes. a libraray, my vision is returning
s: ddr on the big screen in hi-def stereo
me: oh. my. gah.
s: and george clooney washes the dishes on tuesdays
me: holy shit. I'm moving
s: that's binding
s: im printing this out

disclaimer: don't worry cassi :)


At 8:44 AM, Blogger cassi said...

we could put some doors on the sunroom and steven can move in with us. also, the houses next door and across the street are for sale.

i like raisins.

At 9:17 AM, Blogger steven said...


At 2:03 PM, Blogger jelena said...

i like yer mom.

and steven, come join us in all of our east atlanta loveliness.



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