Friday, April 22

earth day

10 simple ways you can save the world in a day:

1-Take out the mail
Remove yourself from
junk mail lists. Believe it or not, 100 million trees are felled each year to produce junk mail.

2-Crack a light bulb joke
No joke: If every household replaced one lightbulb with a
compact fluorescent bulb, it would be the equivalent of eliminating the pollution from 1 million cars.

3-Watch the stars
appliances carrying the Energy Star can save the average family $400 per year in energy bills.

4-Locate organic produce
Use the
LocalHarvest map of organic food producers to pinpoint farmers markets and producers of environmentally friendly, locally grown food.

5-Teach a child
Invest in our future by
teaching kids the importance of Earth Day. Find fun ways to get children involved.

6-Park your car
Carpool or take public transportation to work once a week, and walk or ride a bike for short trips. Don't forget to celebrate Carfree Day.

7-Make yourself at home
Find an environmental group, volunteer in your community, and donate your unwanted but usable items.

8-Recycle that purchase
Spare the environment by recycling your old
mobile phone or PC, after erasing your personal data.

9-Pull out the plastic
If every
plastic bottle were recycled, landfills would be 2 billion tons lighter. Reusable bottles and water filtration systems make an even bigger difference.

10-Use your imaginiation
Take a closer look at what you're throwing away--it could have creative potential.
View artwork made from discarded materials for inspiration. Then, make your own masterpiece.


At 12:05 PM, Blogger malishka said...

Orlando says you are a good conservationist! (Friends of the Earth)


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