Friday, October 20

must see

Forget summer blockbusters (except of course POTC:DMC). It's fall and holiday movies that count. I'm already behind on my movie going. I've only seen The Black Dahlia and The Departed recently (eh and yeah! respectively). So here's what I'm gearing up for. *Dates are according to the 8.18 EW issue and are subject to change.

Now Playing
The Departed - saw it. A friggin' plus
Driving Lessons - a non-Ron Rupert. Gotta check that out
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints - Can't pass up some Robert Downey, Jr. - check
Half Nelson - I may have missed the theatre viewing opportunity on this Gosling piece.
Little Children - Kate Winslet can do no wrong... and I really liked the book - very good. Patrick Wilson is even more delicious
Man of the Year - the presidency is a joke anyway, right?
The Queen - Helen Mirren for the Oscar?
The Science of Sleep - seems a bit like a twisted Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which was of course robbed at the Oscars. - saw it. see steven's take

Opening Today
Marie Antoinette - so nostalgic for the 80s. 1780s, 1980s, like whatever. close enough.
The Prestige - more Christian Bale, please

Babel - Brad Pitt is a good actor.
Lucky You - looks like this one might have to wait until March. Studios.
Running with Scissors - should I read it first? - saw it. most entertaining and I didn't even get the Santa reference. Jenny explained it to me.
Shut Up and Sing - stickin' it to the man

Flushed Away - who didn't love Curse of the Were Rabbit? - saw it. lovely outing with the Green family
Volver - early oscar buzz for Penelope so she probably won't win.

Stranger Than Fiction - I missed the earlier dose of Ferrell this year.

Casino Royale - I'm not a blonde Bond hater.
Bobby - I think I was a Kennedy in a former life.

The Fountain - gotta see the latest from Darren Aronofsky. You up for it Sebastian? I'm sure it's nothing like Requiem.

The Nativity Story - I imagine I will see this one with my mom.

The Good German - Clooney

Blood Diamond - Hopefully a second good movie for DiCaprio this year.
The Painted Veil - Hopefully a second good movie for Edward Norton this year.

Charlotte's Web - can't possibly be as good as the original, but a good movie to see with the Green girls.

The Good Shepherd - Angelina, Matt Damon, espionage, directed by DeNiro, what's not to like?

Black Christmas - gotta catch a comedy on Christams. Comedy, horror, same difference. Plus it's got eye candy in the form of Oliver Hudson. I know Jenny's going to see it.
Children of Men - I'm on a science fiction kick plus the obvious Julianne Moore, Clive Owen and Michael Caine with director Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban people!?!).

So who's going to join me?


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous jamesS said...

what was the first good movie for ed norton this year?

At 5:36 PM, Blogger shelly said...

the illusionist. didn't see it, or didn't think it was good?


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