Tuesday, June 26

my unitarian jihad name is

Sister Machine Gun of Tranquility

I think it's quite fitting.

What's yours?

delayed debut

I got my hair cut 8 days ago. It was cute, but I didn't love it so I went back to the salon. It isn't cute anymore. I like it.

There's a before in my profile. Here are the in between and afters.

Friday, June 15

3 days till the new do

I need a change. So I'm cutting it all off and giving it away.
Here are the finalists I'm considering...

Pink's was my first inspiration, but now I'm leaning toward Renee. I'm tempted to color it as well, but that seems unlikely. At that length, haircuts will already have to be about 3 times more frequent (and $$$). I'm too lazy (and cheap) to spend more time at the salon.