Tuesday, March 18


Do you have an overwhelming desire to declare your love for someone to the world? Your political alliances? Your conspiracy theories?

Are you too law abiding to spray paint it on an extremely prominent wall?

Then this is for you.

Sunday, March 16

i also heart keith nelson (and watts)

"I just think, maybe you should consider whether or not you feel you can deliver a kiss that kills."

Friday, March 14

i heart daniel desario

And here he is, all grown up...

Carlos the dwarf rules.

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Friday, March 7

esther is 5!!!

Happy Birthday, Esther!

Wednesday, March 5

dear john

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 4

racial profiling

Are you white? Is this you?

The comments are just as good as the blog


Monday, March 3

katie o

Doughnut Girl by Emily Martin

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