Friday, July 28

an inconvenient truth

Please go see this movie.

Because of this movie, I am going to plant a tree.
I am going to check the pressure in my tires. Regularly.
I am going to replace my incandescent light bulbs with energy saving bulbs.
I am going to continue to recycle religiously.
I am going to continue to work from home and reduce my driving time.
I am going to call my power company and ask if they use green energy. If they don't, I'm going to ask why not.
I am going to write letters to my Senators and Congressmen both national and state urging them to see this movie.
When it comes out on DVD, I am going to send it to my Senators and Congressmen.
I am going to urge everyone I know to see this movie.

An Inconvenient Truth. Please go see this movie. Go ahead and check showtimes right now.

Thursday, July 27

month in review

July 4: Independence Day. 6 am babysitting with little cuttie Ana thus enabling mom and dad to run the Peachtree Road Race along with everyone else I know.

July 6: 11:59 pm showing of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST. ARRR!!!

July 9: Most stellar book club meeting to discuss Survivor by Chuck Palahnuik. Do you think he Survived? In what way(s)?
POTC:DMC declared box office champion of the WORLD.

July 12: Season 3 premiere of Project Runway. Do you know who's been Auf'd?

July 15: Departure to Chicago and the Opening Ceremonies of 2006 Gay Games.

July 16: Rowing event. We killed 'em. Winning is fun. Always.

July 17: Chicago Architectural River Tour. Beautiful city.

July 18: Salon Buzz and Erin. I totally miss her.
Wrigley Field. Chicago hot dogs. Cubs Win!

July 19: Happy Birthday, Brittany!!
PR episode 2. Are you watching this yet?

July 20: Some movie with Matthew Goode. I wonder if his middle name starts with an M? MMGoode.

July 22: Georgia Games. More rowing. Getting soaked, but more whompin' up on others to make up for the rain.
Drive to Nashvegas for the 70's party of the 00's. Happy 30th Birthday, Darci!!!

July 26: I love going to the doctor. I always learn something. I don't so much like the not being in working order part. And per the "avoid fatty foods" orders...
La Casita. Queso baby.
PR episode 3. Keith is such a cocky bastard. I love him.

July 27: Completely overwhelmed by impending move. Lot of boxes yet to be filled.
Declined offer of ice cream (see July 26, "avoid fatty foods").