Sunday, July 20


"I want people to see me as a can do-professional-so-and-so"

-Will, freelance dynamo

Tuesday, July 1

a quote and a recommendation

"Why is free will wasted on a creature who has infinite choices but pretends there are only one or two?"

- from A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz

I think you should read this book.

Some reviews...
"There are so many quote-of-the-day worthy passages in this book. It's the best novel I've read this year." - Me

This book is witty and intellectual, a physical comedy and literary rant all at once. The year is two months old. But this is the book of a two-month-old year. It may well carry the whole thing." - Tom Chiarella for Esquire

Steve Toltz's startling debut novel, is a nonstop, politically incorrect diatribe about — for and against — religion, politics, relationships, sex, marriage, work, play, children, sleep, friends, art, labyrinths, schemes and dreams... The real pleasure in reading this book is the pace and the language. While there is a narrative thread, what Toltz has done masterfully is have his way with every aspect of modern life. He racks 'em up and knocks 'em down with a laser wit, a fine turn of phrase and a devastatingly funny outlook on everything human." - Valerie Ryan for The Seattle Times

There are more than 500 pages in Steve Toltz' first novel, A Fraction of the Whole, and yet one can turn to nearly any of them and find something worth reading aloud. It has the weight and complexity of a life's masterpiece, but reads as if it was written in a stream of consciousness style. But what consciousness!" - Phillip Winn for BlogCritics Magazine