Friday, April 22

earth day

10 simple ways you can save the world in a day:

1-Take out the mail
Remove yourself from
junk mail lists. Believe it or not, 100 million trees are felled each year to produce junk mail.

2-Crack a light bulb joke
No joke: If every household replaced one lightbulb with a
compact fluorescent bulb, it would be the equivalent of eliminating the pollution from 1 million cars.

3-Watch the stars
appliances carrying the Energy Star can save the average family $400 per year in energy bills.

4-Locate organic produce
Use the
LocalHarvest map of organic food producers to pinpoint farmers markets and producers of environmentally friendly, locally grown food.

5-Teach a child
Invest in our future by
teaching kids the importance of Earth Day. Find fun ways to get children involved.

6-Park your car
Carpool or take public transportation to work once a week, and walk or ride a bike for short trips. Don't forget to celebrate Carfree Day.

7-Make yourself at home
Find an environmental group, volunteer in your community, and donate your unwanted but usable items.

8-Recycle that purchase
Spare the environment by recycling your old
mobile phone or PC, after erasing your personal data.

9-Pull out the plastic
If every
plastic bottle were recycled, landfills would be 2 billion tons lighter. Reusable bottles and water filtration systems make an even bigger difference.

10-Use your imaginiation
Take a closer look at what you're throwing away--it could have creative potential.
View artwork made from discarded materials for inspiration. Then, make your own masterpiece.

Wednesday, April 13

word of the day

1. Very liberal in giving; generous.
2. Showing great generosity: a munificent gift.

As used in a sentence from one of my clients...
"Thanks Shelly, you are very munificent."
- source protected for journalistic reasons, but trust me it's real.
I'm surprised too.

Friday, April 8

sign ups

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Sign up for free passes to a screening of the new Will Ferrell movie, Kicking & Screaming to be held on Wednesday, May 11th.

Sign Up Here

You should sign up so if I don't get a free pass, you can take me with you.

Wednesday, April 6

exclusive interview

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About a year ago, JimK was approached by Georgia Tech Crew for an alumni spotlight piece for the newsletter. Unfortunately, the next edition that came out (last week), did not include his revealing interview.

Due to my indepth and relentless search for truth, I am able to print this lost treasure for you here. A true shelliphied exclusive.

This interview was not edited.

1) When did you join the crew team and why did you decide to join initially?

The first 2 years of my college life were spent at UGA, I know I know. A couple of my high school friends had joined the crew team where they decided to go to school and could not talk enough about it and how intense and amazing it was. So when I transferred to GT I decided to try it for myself in the fall of '98. I remember one of the first practices that I attended was held right outside of SAC on the grass. We did all sorts of exercises: jumpies, man-makers, push ups and on and on. When practice was over I couldn't move or walk for about 15 minutes, seriously. Ethan at the time was the men's novice coach and he came up to me when everyone was pretty much gone and encouraged me to stick with it and talked me up off the ground and to the next practice. To this day, I'm not sure I would have stuck with rowing if it weren't for Ethan's spirit that day. I thank him for that.

2) Fill in the blank: The aspect of GT Crew that has affected the rest of my life is...


3) Fill in the blank: When I rowed _____(a)_____ (the name of a boat you rowed in while at tech), I felt like ____(b)____ because _____(c)____.

a) the mixed 8 at Georgia Games, I think it may have been in the Cab,

b) the frantic and the furious

c) not only was it one of the craziest most uncomfortable rows ever, it was also one of the most exciting, fun and memorable races. Taking home the coveted bronze medal in an epic three boat race, it was a historic moment for GT Crew.

4) Where are you now, and what are you doing?

I live in Savannah and work for Gulfstream - makers of wicked awesome airplanes for the rich and fabulous.

5) Just for fun, what was your least favorite workout while you were on the team?

My favorite practices by far were the water practices. Rowing is a beautiful sport and feeling the boat run underneath you can't be matched. No matter how much I enjoyed the water practices there was no enjoyment when we had freezing cold morning water practices. I would always pray for lighting, fog, abduction, tsunami - anything just to get out of one of those practices. When I was a novice, we flipped as we pushed off the dock. It was 34 degrees that morning. Remember to never get in the boat with your oar behind you, that's big no no. On the plus side, practice was cut short.

6) What do you wish to see for the future of GT Crew?

Just keep on keeping on. I cherished every moment on the team as it was. My wish is that all the rowers can take with them the experiences and memories that I have and continue to enjoy - attending alumni picnics, prom parties at Cassi's, spur of the moment trips to D.C., regattas, pirate birthday parties, weddings, etc. All the amazing friends I have the pleasure of knowing is what I love so much about the team. None of that would be possible if it weren't for Crew.

Tuesday, April 5

premiere blog

Lets give a warm welcome to the newest blogger on the block... (aka Darci)

I expect to see lots of shopping tips, party announcements and drink recipies on this blog.

basketball champion

I WIN!!!!! yessss.

Overall ESPN Tourney Challenge Results
RANK = #1 baby!
ENTRY = i love kurtis blow
OWNER = S. Holdren
PCT = 95.4 %

Dana, let me know when you're headed to Vegas!

They're playing Basketball
We love that Basketball
They're playing Basketball
We love that Basketball

Oh, yeah... Congratulations and thanks to UNC.

Friday, April 1

you could be a winner!

This is no April Fool's joke. It's time I give back to the community of my loyal readers. So I have decided to start a semi-regular give-away program. Today's prize: one free song courtesy of Pepsi Co.

There is only one winner. First come, first serve. The only rule is that you have to tell me what song you bought.

Good for one free iTunes song:
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Best of luck!

Thanks for reading,

gt on the forefront of laundry technology

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A new software program linking 400 washers and dryers in 17 campus laundry rooms to students' computers and cell phones goes online this fall.

With the LaundryView system, Tech students will be able to log onto a Web site that will show them which washers and dryers are free in which laundry rooms at any given time, said Rich Steele, director of Tech's student center.

Once they have set their clothes spinning, users can walk away. An e-mail and cell phone text messaging service students can sign up for online will send them a note to tell them when their load is ready to be taken out of the washer or dryer.

Students will pay an extra 25 cents per load for the service and other laundry room upgrades.

"We will be replacing all of the old washers with new front-loading washers and dryers, which will be more efficient. We will also have new ventilation systems to keep them as efficient as possible," Steele said.

Bob Tuttle, chief technology officer at Mac-Gray Corp., the company that developed the LaundryView software, said about a dozen colleges around the country use the online notification system.

Tech is the first university in Georgia and the largest in the country to put the online system into campus-wide use, Tuttle said.